The Importance of Exceptional Website Copy

The written word is one of the most powerful tools we have available to us.

For thousands of years, we’ve recorded information, penned stories and poems, shared emotions, and told readers of our experiences through transcription. It’s really no different today; we’ve simply swapped our stone tablets for electronic ones.

Whilst a well-designed website for your business is vital, graphics are only half the story — website copy is just as important as a stunning design. We often come across beautiful sites that have been let down by poor copy, tarnishing the sites professionalism and credibility. So, why exactly is copy with the ‘wow’ factor so important?

Look the part

Would you let your staff sleep during a client-meeting? Wear thongs at the office? Probably not, because that would create a poor impression. Similarly, our use of language online is a representation of our professional standards.

The content on your site needs to accurately represent you. Good copywriters understand the image you’re trying to put forward and reinforce that image through intentional, planned, specific wording. Average content will reflect your company in a substandard manner. The same holds true for copy that is rushed, sloppy, or error-ridden, so be aware of poor spelling and grammar, and sentence structure. These faults make written content look messy and unreliable, and reflects badly on your brand.


Great copy will grab your reader’s attention, and keep it. Every sentence on your website should serve a purpose and be intentional in facilitating a genuine response. Ultimately, the aim is to create the perfect balance between information and relatability. Content that is too wordy, too long, too short, too vague, has too much jargon, or is ‘waffly’, is not engaging and generally deters users from reading on.


Your website provides a channel for you to easily provide information. A lot of people skim-read online, so your content should be succinct and easy to read. The message you provide needs to be clear and get to the core of who you are, as well as tell people about your services or products.

In the vastness of the internet, you have to get your point across in a few sentences, while not overwhelming readings with info. It’s a fine line, but that is the essence of persuasive copy.

Do the write thing

Few in-house employees can write to the same standard as a qualified, professional copywriter, yet many businesses neglect this area of their sites. They spend thousands of dollars on amazing design, but not nearly enough on quality copy — if any.

A practised writer who specialises in content creation is highly adaptable and can write in multiple tones, styles, and perfectly capture the nuance of another person or business. This kind of experienced copywriter can produce content for remote niches, even though they have no personal experience in the area. They’re researched-focused and know that engaging copy requires an in-depth understanding of the business, industry, and target audience. Most importantly, they know how to build trust and credibility, and can effectively encourage users to take action.

Feeling a bit sheepish about your website copy? Don’t worry, our clever wordsmiths can revamp your online presence the write way. Contact us to get started!