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A fresh look and feel with a personal touch.

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The Challenge

With an outdated logo and digital presence, Workclaims Australia had been left behind in the branding space. We were approached to revamp both in a way that would speak to Workclaims’ credibility and expertise, without losing sight of their affordability and approachably. In addition, a greater challenge was building a site that strategically addressed the differing needs of the employer and employee — audiences that are often ‘competing’ with one another.

The Solution

We developed a contemporary logo without using stereotypical graphic legal elements, such as a gavel, to leave an open and accessible impression. For the site, we knew that people in need of legal advice often feel vulnerable and apprehensive. As such, the site’s professional, relaxed design provides clarity and helps alleviate anxiety to support those in uncomfortable legal positions. Smooth and sleek visuals draw the eye to calls-to-action and key information for each audience. Clear messaging guides audiences to the next step in addressing their unique situation.

The Client

Workclaims Australia resolve workplace disputes, such as harassment or unfair dismissal, at a personal level. They are equipped to represent employers and employees.

The Work

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