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The Challenge

In auditing Vose, an early challenge involved uncovering where enrolments were fluctuating in the enrolment process, and why. We also reviewed marketing practices to identify where the most opportunity was going forward. Operating in a niche yet highly competitive space, providing unique communication solutions was essential.

The Solution

We systematically mapped out and reviewed Vose’s enrolment process, providing clarity and reasoning surrounding various fluctuation points. Part of our solution was defining smooth internal systems for in-house staff, which would have a positive flow-on effect to the study body. Refining the enrolment process eliminated superfluous steps for staff and prospective students, resulting in a much cleaner, smoother experience.

The Client

Vose is a leading theological college with a reputation for excellence spanning more than 50 years. Vose initially engaged us for a comprehensive audit of their organisation — particularly around enrolments.

The Work

Marketing Audit and Report
Marketing Strategy
WordPress Website
Printed Collateral
Ongoing Ad-Hoc Support