At Face Value: Website Design

Abante Accounting website mockup

My one-year-old is screaming.

I scrounge through her carry bag, looking for anything that might keep her temporarily full. At last — a packaged snack hiding in a side pocket. Victorious, I offer it to her, but she simply says, “no”, turning her head away in disgust. After opening the wrapper and giving her a taste, she loves it and the snack is quickly devoured. As it turns out, the packaging was the same colour as a different food brand she strongly dislikes.

We’re wired for colour.

It’s amazing how we attach meaning and expectations to colour from such an early age. This isn’t a new thought — it’s well known that “colour is considered to be extremely important in the marketing world” (Blackbird, Fox & Tornetta, 2013). This is largely because colour is the first thing we absorb before anything else — and it’s no secret that colour plays an integral role in branding and website design.

A part of me finds how we form opinions based on face value quite disheartening. Every day, I am introduced to at least one business owner who is exceptional at what they do, but simply doesn’t present the business well when it comes to marketing (usually due to a lack of resources or know-how). Unfortunately, the marketplace isn’t a forgiving one.

Consumers make decisions based on first impressions.

With consumers overwhelmed by choice, they have to make assumptions about a company based on a surface-level first glance. While a more thorough investigation may come later for those who have been shortlisted, without a credible first impression, you won’t even make it onto the list to begin with. So, how can you stand out?

A few sources have recently found that judgements on a company from online users (which is pretty much everyone) are 75% based on their website design. The first impression is no longer face-to-face — it’s almost exclusively online. Have you ever considered how many clients you are losing due to false perceptions before they even make contact?

— Scott Ingram, Director

What does your website design say about your business? Perhaps it’s time to consider what a half-baked online presence has really cost you. If you’re interested in a free, professional second opinion, why not pick up the phone? We’ll find time for a coffee and discuss how you can take your website to the next level.