Why Choose Us

With so many choices available to build your website, it’s worth taking the time to compare developers. In fact, asking why you might choose us over anyone else is a question we’ve come to expect.

We’ve attempted to answer this openly and honestly, so you can determine if we’re the right fit for you. Here are six factors that will help determine whether Helium is the right agency to engage for your website project.

1. Our work speaks for itself.

Nothing speaks louder than execution. Our Designers and Writers think through what your objectives are, and translate that into intentional design and compelling copy. We build websites as marketers, and that means constantly ensuring functionality, design, and copy are strategic in serving your objectives. It shows in the work.

2. We have a type.

We want to have a good experience as much as you do, and don’t pursue every company that needs a website. Over time, we have found the best fit for us are businesses and organisations who share our values of strategic outcomes and rapid implementation. Having all of our team work under the same roof together, instead of outsourcing, allows us to fulfil that value.

3. You can ask our clients.

When a prospective client asks us why they should hire us, the most accountable and transparent approach is usually to put them in touch with our existing clients — when we are not in the room. Prospects are also encouraged to look over our Google Reviews.

4. You value what we offer.

There will always be a cheaper website option out there.

If you value quality work, excellent service, creative ideas and positive, open relationships, we are the team for you. Our expectations are mutual and reciprocal. You will meet our creative team in person, and your team will be a part of ours for the website development. This is because we want to know what you think along the way, so we can continue to deliver to your expectations.  

5. We don’t build dependence in.

It was Henry Ford who famously said, “if you can get people to buy the parts for the life of the car, you could give away the car for free”. A lot of developers run to this philosophy; building sites from the start in an unnecessarily complex way so that clients need to return to make changes and updates (good to keep in mind as you compare developers). We do the exact opposite by building user-friendly sites that clients can control and manage in the platform best-suited to their needs. If fact, the final stage of any website build is training and coaching.

There are a lot of good agencies, but not all of them sync with a client’s culture. We want you to decide that we’re not only a great agency, but that we’re also a great fit.